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New Space revolution, clean aviation, multi-messenger astronomy… In recent times, the aeronautics and space sectors have been experiencing radical advancements, which are of economic and scientific interest to CERN Member States. Thanks to its remarkable technologies, facilities and know-how, CERN plays a crucial role in aerospace.

Aerospace and particle physics share many technical similarities in terms of operational environments. Both sectors need components capable of functioning in harsh radiation environments, extreme temperatures and high vacuum conditions.  Moreover, they both need to be able to handle large amounts of data quickly and autonomously.

Performed in orbit around the Earth to avoid atmospheric effects, fundamental physics missions in space have much in common with CERN’s underground experiments. Many synergies exist, in particular between particle and astroparticle physics experiments, including but not limited to detection capabilities.

Maximising the positive impact of its research on society is integral to CERN’s mission. Aerospace applications carry strong opportunities in areas such as human and robotic exploration, long-distance transportation, climate change and environment monitoring, disaster prevention, advanced telecommunication and geolocalisation.

Aerospace-related competences & expertise:

With CELESTA, CERN goes to space! Discover the first CERN microsatellite
Enabling technologies and in-orbit demonstration missions
Scientific space missions supported as CERN Recognised Experiments
"From CERN to Aerospace"
CERN's remarkable technologies, facilities and know-how can play a crucial role in aerospace
Aerospace applications strategy, partnerships & key numbers
from fundamental research to our everyday lives

Aerospace related news 

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CERN’s new digital report showcases concrete applications of CERN technologies and know-how, with diverse examples in the healthcare, environment, aerospace, digital and quantum fields.

20 March, 2024

CERN tech to help investigate the dark universe

ESA’s recently launched Euclid telescope will rely on CERN software and computing infrastructure to help it map the effects of dark matter and dark energy on the Universe

01 July, 2023

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