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CERN is home to some of the world’s most complex scientific instruments, used by physicists to probe the fundamental structure of the universe.  Reaching ambitious scientific objectives requires the development of advanced instruments and new technologies. These technologies, and the human expertise associated with them, often have potential applications in areas beyond high-energy physics. As an integral part of its mission, CERN strives to ensure that its innovations bring practical benefits to society as a whole, through knowledge transfer.  

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Although fundamental physics might not seem the most obvious discipline in which to find technologies with marketable applications, the many examples of applications of CERN’s technology and know-how – whether in medical technology, aerospace, safety, the environment and “industry 4.0” – constitute concrete evidence that high-energy physics is a fertile ground for innovation.

  “Cern’s recipe for knowledge transfer” - CERN Courier 
(p. 5, or  pp.17-21 for extended coverage)


The knowledge created by CERN’s community has the potential to lead to innovation in fields beyond particle physics. This innovation can happen organically, as proved by the early examples of transfer from CERN to medical technologies, but actively investing in the process can also boost its impact and reach.

"How Particle Physics Research at CERN Contributes to Medical Innovation" - WIPO Global Innovation Index, 12th edition